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2024-25 Scheduling Information


Class Schedule


As you begin the scheduling process, you will be making decisions that will have a great impact on your future. This page is your guide to selecting the courses that you will take  as a Junior High student.

Read each course description carefully to be sure that you are registering for appropriate courses and that you understand what each course entails. THE COURSES YOU SELECT WILL BE THE COURSES YOU WILL TAKE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. Changes requested later may not be possible. 

Every effort will be made to allow you to take the courses that you request as your top choices, however, occasionally conflicts occur. If there is a conflict or a course fills up, you will be scheduled for one of the alternate courses that you ranked on your selection form. Please read the instructions before filling out a schedule request or a schedule change, and be sure to check your email for information from the counselors.

We are proud to offer a broad variety of courses designed to meet your needs and interests. Our goal is to prepare you for success at Ozark Junior High and beyond.